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2019 has been a productive year for ISHA! Here are some highlights of the year thus far:

--Legislative Day took place at the State House in February. We had 220 participants and met with 67 legislators, setting records. ISHA members represented their professions as well as all 7 CSD programs in the state. We considered it to be a success. We have already begun planning for 2020. 

--Our Annual Convention took place in April. We are excited to plan for our 2020 Convention, with anticipation for a brand new venue. 2020 will bring a broader selection of CEU courses, along with the opportunity for networking and exploration of downtown Plainfield! 

--Executive Council applied for an ASHA grant. ISHA was awarded the grant, which will focus on working together for comprehensive solutions to improve speech-language pathology services in the schools. Extensive planning has already occurred regarding how to come together statewide to improve SLP services for our school-based colleagues. 

--Executive Council held their Annual Retreat in July. The Retreat focused on planning for the final quarter of the year's Strategic Plan. 

--ISHA has a new look! ISHA's new logo was unveiled in August after a current member won our logo contest. 

--In September, ISHA's Executive Council will hold their first meeting with newly elected council members!! 

Please check back often to continue seeing how ISHA is diligently working to support you! 

To support and empower members to provide the highest quality, life changing communication,
swallowing and hearing services to the people of the State of Indiana.

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